The Kodak Ultramax 400  

The cheap film stock of all cheap film stocks one would argue. Kodak’s Ultramax 400 is a great mid speed film to work with. From the sought after golden & blueish hue it produces, to the latitude it maintain’s, (It’s no Portra) it’s an excellent cheap film stock.

This was my first time shooting with Ultramax, I was used to picking up the usual Superia 400 at the local drugstore or supermarket, but I was just getting tired of the cold images and almost lifeless color reproduction. Others will defend Superia 400 in that aspect, but for my personal preference, I was looking for something different, something warmer and charming. Low and behold, Ultramax came to the rescue. At a WHOPPING $4.50 for a 36exp roll of Ultramax, you’re certainly going to have to make the best of every image you take… just kidding.

That’s the joy of this film, you can experiment and not have to worry about savouring each and every frame, you just shoot. I’m not advising you to shoot, just to shoot, come on, you get what I’m saying…It’s a film that I believe creates a unique warm glow to your images. It’s almost like you’re dragging that vibrancy tool to the right to extend your color tone and range.

Another great reason for an impulse buy on this film, is that it’s widely available! You may stumble across it at your local Walgreens, Rite-Aid or Walmart…except that never happened to me. Your best bet is to head up to your local shop or online retailers.

Now get out there and start your journey with a roll of Ultramax 400, not only will your significant other be happy since you’ll be able to afford your next meal, but also you as a human being will be happier for it. The reason being is that these colors will add the richness and warmth you’ve been looking for your entire life.

Now kick back and check out my journey with Kodak’s Ultramax 400.