Over the last year or so,

I’ve been drained physically and mentally, ultimately killing my drive to create images. Whether it’s cinema or photography work, I just didn’t have the determination to do any of it. In the past few months, some things have changed. I fell back in love with film (film photography) after a hiatus I had with it. I love looking at a film negative and thinking to myself “Wow, how in the world did someone think of this?” A shutter and mirror opens up to let light pass through a camera and burn into this piece of plastic to create a latent image. With a little bit of chemistry and handiwork…voilà. You have yourself a negative, which in turn can be inverted to create a positive…which means you have yourself a photograph. If you’re reading this, I don’t think you came for me to explain how this works, that’s what Wikipedia’s for. The reason I wanted to create this page is I wanted to pay homage to the beauty of film. From the way it portrays colors to the way it re-produces tonal ranges, looking at film photography is inspiring. This may be an archived nothing, but I want this to be a space for my images. A place for technical details and all things film related. To share and to relate the stories behind images that mean something to me, and possibly to you.

The Kentmere Pan 100

March 17, 2019

The Kodak Ultramax 400

February 25, 2019

A Curated Look 001

February 24, 2019