Potra 400005.jpg

“Me…Medium format?”

I met this kind lady in the beautiful West Village Detroit. We crossed paths on the sidewalk and she looks at my camera “Me…. medium format?” We ended up talking about how she used to work in a studio. She told us that she was really excited to see my buddy and myself out there shooting some Gelatin Emulsion (Film). Needless to say I was happy that she came over to see what we were up to, so I wanted to capture that moment by asking her for her portrait.

Mamiya RB67 // 90mm 3.8 

Potra 400009 More contrast.jpg


This is my bud Kyle. Being in Detroit, you have to be a bit cautious depending on the area. (Most people associate dangerous with Detroit, don’t get ahead of yourselves) At this time and place, we felt that we should probably work a bit quicker. So I squared up my frame, cocked the shutter, slam that shutter release like I always do… and nothing. Classic mistake, the dark slide was still in. Kyle was perspiring and about to run out of this area, it’s okay though, we got the shot.

Mamiya RB67 // 90mm 3.8

Potra 400010.jpg

“What’s this all about?”

Phil is my coworker at the creative agency I work at. (Shout out to Spearfish design) He comes in and I already had a continuous light source running through a big soft-box. What Phil didn’t know, is that he was going to be my test subject. Those were his words, “What’s this all about?”. I told him to sit down and “Clap!” there goes the mirror. Here is the image. (P.S. I forgot to kill the overheads so that’s why that orange hue is surrounding his face in the right side of the frame)

Mamiya RB67 // 90mm 3.8